Viewing Options to suit all needs

Once scanned images have been through a thorough QA process they will be ready to be supplied back to Client.
There are a number of options available from IPC’s scanning Bureau in relation to viewing the images.


Images and their indexing headers can be cut to CD or DVD as appropriate depending on the volumes / image sizes; we supply 2 copies as standard practice.  These images can also be encrypted if required, before supply by courier or registered post. On receipt Client’s IT team will be able to import the images to a suitable network shared directory, where standard Windows Tiff or Adobe PDF facilities can be used to view the images. In some cases Clients may have EDM (Electronic Document Management )solutions in place into which they could import the IPC Bureau scanning.
Unless otherwise instructed IPC will also retain it’s own copy of images on CD, as a final continuity copy on behalf of client, and in case of any future queries.

Secure Web Transfer

IPC can also put the scanned images into an IPC web server facility. These can then be opened up to a specific Client IP address, and Client can then access these directly and transfer them as above, cancelling them off the IPC server after import.

IPC Image Hosting system

IPC also has available a secure private cloud hosted EDM solution, into which the Client scanned images can be imported. Client would then simply use a URL web link to access the stored information, without the need to have any installed software. A nominal monthly charge is made for storage and access, based on the number of viewing seats. The advantage of this is more sophisticated search facilities, and ability to access the images at any time, from anywhere that has internet access.