IPC Release mstore File Integrity Checker

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The latest release (5.2) of V3 mstore Document Managementsystem contains a number of additional security features, including a File Integrity checker.


Whilst IPC’s EDM solution (mstore) already has a wide range of security features in terms of user access, some people have questioned whether someone with ‘back door’ knowledge could alter files already stored in the system.


Although Event History tracks all actions in the system, finding any changes may take some effort, hence the launch of the File Integrity tool. This allows an administrator to run a check across individual or multiple cabinets and document types, looking for any changes to stored information. The system will find any file that may have been altered in any way, produces a report and the administrator can then drill down to individual files to check each for any possible issues.


Graham Light commented ‘ Document Management systems like mstorenow allow all types of files to be stored electronically, so adding the File Integrity module gives clients that extra reassurance about the integrity of their data. Even if someone had the knowledge to get into the system to make changes, we can track all such instances – even down to the changing of a full stop!’


mstore developed over 20 years is a powerful suite of EDM modules that can cater for any level of Client information management. Contact IPC today for more details

Screen shot of File Integrity module


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