HR Record Scanning Services

HR files are usually kept in paper format, growing with the service of an employee, and often contain a wealth of important information such as reviews, contracts of employment, sickness, disciplinary plus all important pensions and payroll information. And such information has to be retained even after the employee leaves, especially in relation to pensions and educational achievements whilst in service, as requests for information can be frequent.

So by using IPC’s HR record scanning services, these paper based files can be turned into electronic files that will be a lot faster in terms of access for HR staff.  HR departments will not only be able to save the space taken up by physical files, but they will enjoy a higher level of security, by restricting access to only those who have authorisation, as well as saving significantly on their carbon footprint.

IPC has many years’ experience in scanning HR files on behalf of clients, and do so on a daily basis for organisations such as Serco.