Why is good email management so important for every business?

by Web Admin

Email has become a fully acceptable and most common means of business communication. The problem, however, is that businesses all too often fail to include email in their records management strategy.

The already extensive and growing use of email presents inherent risks and information management issues for any organisation. Large quantities of messages held in in boxes, sent and deleted folders not only affect the performance of email servers but also put a company in danger of not being able to meet legal preservation requirements in the event of litigation. Email servers were never meant to act as a repository for vast amounts of emails and it is not uncommon for the I.T. Department to ‘clear down’ the data to release space and therefore ‘lose’ what could be critical items of business data.

The solution to this is to have an email management system such as The IPC Group’s product M.Message. This software captures, classifies, stores and manages every single incoming and outgoing message and also all attachments. Retention periods and access rights can be set ensuring that confidentiality is maintained to comply with Data Protection requirements. In the event of correspondence via email being requested as evidence in any business disputes, there will no longer be any danger of non-compliance due to ‘lost’ documentation and this could, in turn, save a business thousands of pounds in legal costs.

For further information on M.Message please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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