What is an electronic purchase order system?

by Web Admin

In many organisations purchase orders are paper based and can be in a variety of formats. Each department or Cost Centre will have its own method of raising them and the amount of information given about the products or services to be purchased can very often be insufficient for the Finance Department. This results in time having to be spent chasing individuals for further details which can delay the PO’s delivery to a supplier and the subsequent supply of the product or service.

If an electronic purchase order system is used, however, the entire process can be automated and standardised across any size of business. A template is downloaded by the person raising the PO and all mandatory fields must be completed before it can be forwarded via workflow for authorisation.

A PO system also provides a central repository for all purchase orders giving users the ability to view documents quickly and easily without having to search through filing cabinets of paperwork. PO’s can be emailed to the supplier directly from the system saving on print and postage costs and highly secure user access controls ensure that only authorised personnel  are able to log in to the system.

The IPC Group supply two versions of their Purchase Order System, one of which is cloud based. For further information on these or any other IPC products please click here or call 08081 45 46 47.

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