What is a document scanning bureau?

by Web Admin

A document scanning bureau provides a wide range of document scanning services and has scanning equipment and operators capable of scanning any type of paperwork.

Clients will send their documents to a scanning bureau either because they do not have the space and resource to do the job in house or simply because it is a much more convenient way of converting their paperwork into electronic format.

As soon as the documents arrive at a scanning bureau they are ‘prepped’ ready for scanning. This usually involves the removal of staples, paperclips and post it notes and in some cases treasury tags and spiral binding. The paperwork is then scanned using the appropriate scanner such as a flatbed, automatic document feeder or large format. Index references are applied to the scanned images so that the files can be easily retrieved and these will have been pre-defined by the client.

Post scanning the paperwork can either be re-assembled and returned to the client or kept for an agreed period of time and then confidentially destroyed. A scanning bureau can also provide data capture services which involves the automated extraction of data from forms or invoices eliminating the need to manually key the information into a system.

For more detailed information on the services provided by a document scanning bureau please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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